Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Betting

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Millions of people around the globe cannot imagine their life without Counter Strike. Not only has this title gained popularity as an eSports discipline and is played by thousands of professional gamers from every corner of the world, but it has also turned into one of the most popular eSports for betting. No surprise, though!

So if you are looking for the best site to make money on CSGO betting, GGBet is the top option for you to consider. This is an experienced and trustworthy betting platform with some of the best betting offers on the market.

Huge Number of CSGO Bets Only at GGBet

Whenever you come to a bookmaker, you want to get the ultimate service and the broadest selection of betting markets. GGBet can definitely impress you with the number of outcomes it offers for anyone interested in placing bets on CSGO matches. Aside from the common ones, which you can find on any other website, like betting on the game-winner, total maps, round handicap, and the likewise bets, GGBet has some unique offers as well.

If you want to bet on CSGO and win big, you should better take a risk with the outcomes that only a true fan can predict. We give you every opportunity to do this. Here are some of the exclusive CSGO bets that you can place on the website:

  • bets on the first pistol round winner;
  • correct pistol rounds score;
  • map race to rounds;
  • win first pistol round + win the map;
  • will there be overtime;
  • total kills;
  • winning margin.

Enjoy the Best CSGO Bets in Live

Whether you consider yourself a professional bettor or only start your journey to winning big in eSports betting, you will like the Live betting section of the website. Bettors like it for the much greater winning opportunities and the adrenalin you get when watching your bet win in real-time mode.

The best thing about this type is that live CSGO bets are accepted for all the CSGO matches available. It doesn’t matter if you want to bet live for a minor competition or one of the majors, GGBet provides equal betting opportunities for all clients.

One of the greatest benefits of live betting is the possibility of making bets with the best CSGO odds. Live odds are changing throughout the match, and if you know your business with CS well, it’s no trouble for you to predict the moment the odds will go up. So it’s all about your experience and knowledge of the game. It’s not uncommon that the betting odds get significantly higher than they have been for pre-match betting. So live match betting on GGBet is definitely worth trying.

Turn on the Stream and Immerse Yourself in the Match

CSGO betting with live is super simple at GGBet. You should pick the tournament and the match you’d like to bet on. Once you get to the page with the possible game outcomes, you’ll see a live broadcast screen right in the middle. Start the streaming by clicking on play. Bookmaker not only lets you enjoy professional CSGO matches, but it also does it for free.

Next to the game streaming screen, you can find some in-game statistics to be able to tune into what is going on right away. What’s more, you can bet on CSGO without leaving the broadcast page. All the markets and CSGO betting odds are available on the same page.

Why Is GGBet Your Perfect Choice for CSGO Betting?

Why should you bet on CSGO on the GGBet website when dozens of online bookmakers have this title on their betting list? Well, things that seem similar often bring an opposite betting experience. By choosing GGBet, you ensure yours will be positive.

Just check out some of the benefits you can get by joining the club of GGBet users.

  • The best line for betting on CSGO among all bookmakers. The line on GGBet CSGO makes a completely new level compared to other betting services. Dozens of outcomes for each match are not an “extra”, it’s standard practice for us.
  • Unique outcomes for a better experience. You are no longer interested in CSGO betting on winner or maps total? Bookmaker has a great selection of CSGO bets, which you won’t find elsewhere. Pick the unique outcomes and win big.
  • Free statistics from our experts. GGBet betting website is interested in providing you with the best betting experience, so we want to give you every opportunity to increase your chances of a winning bet. Game statistics are our unique offer for all the clients of the service. Just go to the “Statistics” section, pick the discipline you need, and get the most detailed stats for each team and match.

How to Bet on CSGO?

If you are new to eSports and CSGO betting in particular, you can use this guide to take you through every new experience on GGBet. Once you are done with the registration and completion of your profile, you can start getting ready to win. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do this.

  • Make a deposit to your betting account to make real bets. Use our advice and top up with the sum that will allow you to get a maximum-size welcome bonus.
  • Claim the bonus. Once the money hits your account, you should claim a welcome bonus. While it has some wagering requirements, it still allows making more bets, thus raising your chances for a win.
  • Select the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event and the match you’d like to bet on. Next, pick an outcome you believe is winning and the odd. This action makes your bet appear on the betting slip. Another piece of advice from us: make brief research using our “Statistics” section. Check the teams’ ratings and recent performance. This will help you make the best choice.
  • In the betting slip, type in the amount you’d like to bet and confirm your bet. That’s it! Wait for the match and see if your prediction is correct.

Gamble More with CSGO Betting Bonuses!

Getting presents is always pleasant, and our bookmaker is a champion for making generous and seducing bonus offers. So if you bet on CSGO with GGBet, you’ll get all the tops. There are many promotions and bonuses exclusively for CSGO fans.

One of the latest is a 15% cashback bonus. All you need to get it is to activate the offer on your account page, make a $10 deposit (minimum), and bet on the CS tournaments. The bookmaker will give a 15% cashback for the lost bets.

The welcome bonus can also be used for this discipline. It's easy to get it: sign up, make your first deposit, and get double the amount up to $100. Many other bonuses are waiting for the CSGO fans on GGBet!

The Biggest Championships for Counter Strike Bets

GGBet offers to bet on events in over a dozen championships, big and small. And while watching minor events can bring a lot of fun, real money betting can bring the most benefits when you do it with major tournaments. Currently, there are several of them available for betting on GGBet.

ESL Pro League Season is one of those attracting the attention of most CSGO bettors. This is a top-level event where 32 teams from around the globe fight for the title of the winner and the prize pool of $850 000. On GGBet, you can bet on all the CSGO games within this league and get your share of the money.

Another championship that is worth your time for bets is BLAST Major. This Valve event promises a lot of sensations and exciting games for CSGO betting. Choose the team you believe will be the best in this championship, and make an outright bet. And don’t forget that GGBet accepts bets for all the matches within the event, starting from regional qualifiers. So don’t miss a chance to make a winning bet!

GGBet CSGO: Betting Tips for Everyone

  • Start with predicting the outcomes for minor championships. Once you feel confident enough to get to the upper bettors league, bet on major events, as they bring more financial benefits.
  • Analysis is essential. The more time you spend analyzing the upcoming game (teams’ motivation, recent performance, professional level), the higher the chances you’ll make a winning stake. Remember that one and the same performer can play differently depending on a range of factors, so there’s no way your bets should be tied to a single team.
  • Don’t make bets that your budget can’t handle.
  • Bet with your head cool. Listening to your heart is not the best idea for betting.

GGBet is the best CSGO betting site, and it will bring you a lot of fun to bet on your favorite eSports there. So don’t miss time and go check its betting line now!