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Darts betting is one of the most popular activities available on all modern bookies because of fairly simple formats, wide selection of events, high potential for profit, and more. Being a leading sports betting site, GGBet also accepts different darts bets.

We can boast an impressive variety of darts markets, support of broadcasts you may enjoy for free, a handy process of placing a bet, and more. Those who do not want to be tied to a PC or laptop may download our dedicated application for Android devices and enjoy their favorite sport anywhere on the go.

Major Darts Tournaments to Bet On

Our clients are offered a wide range of darts events, which include top championships as well as local and mid-level tournaments. The most anticipated event is the World Championship, which takes place in London between mid-December and early January. We always have the best odds for Darts World Championship betting. Here, you can bet on the performance of the top 32 players in the PDC Order of Merit and the 32 highest-ranked players in the Pro Tour Order of Merit.

They are also joined by 32 international qualifiers worldwide. It will be interesting for bettors that the duration of the matches in this event increases during the tournament: from the best of 5 in the first round to the best of 13 in the final.

Whose enthusiasts who bet on darts never miss a World Matchplay, where the top 16 players of the PDC Order of Merit and the 16 highest ranked on the Pro Tour Order of Merit participate. Bettors should consider that the outcome here is determined not by sets but by counting legs. Another popular championship from the PDC is called the World Grand Prix. Its special feature is the double-in and double-out format. It means that participants must start and finish stages using a double.

Finally, you can test your luck by betting on the outcomes of the games within the Grand Slam of Darts, which takes place in November in Dublin. Participants are divided into 4 groups of four, with the top 2 from each progressing into a knock-out bracket. This legs-based competition starts with the best of 9 in the group stage and later increases to the best of 31 in the final.

Darts Betting Markets and Odds

GGBet users may choose among several popular darts betting markets available. Choose them wisely according to your skills in online betting, understanding the participants’ performance, and the peculiarities of the specific event.

Match Winner

It is the most straightforward bet type many newcomers choose. Here, you must come up with predictions about the participant who will win the specific match.

Outright Winner

Unlike the previous option, here, you must predict the tournament's winner. Considering the large amount of input data and unpredictable conditions of darts matches, this option is suitable for those who are well-versed in the game's intricacies and have experience.

Bets on 180s

This bet is less popular than the match winner but still widely used, especially among beginners. Here, your task is to correctly predict how many times a player will score the maximum number of points (180) in one visit to the board. Notably, such bets allow you to wager on one or two opponents.

Darts Odds: Changing and Calculating Winnings

While betting, you can choose between different odds formats by the following are the most popular:

  • Decimal. The initial bet is multiplied by a decimal coefficient to calculate the potential winnings;
  • Fractional. This format is expressed in terms of the potential winnings and your initial bet separated by a slash. For example, 5/2, 2/1, and so on;
  • American. In this case, you see the “+” and “-” signs, where “+” means winnings that you may potentially receive.

Here is a little example of how darts odds work:

  • Harrington, Ryan to win: 1.50;
  • Bennet, Leighton to win: 2.00.

If you decide to bet $50 on Ryan Harrington, and he wins, you get $75: $50 (initial stake) x 1.50 (odds) = $75. If you bet $50 on Leighton Bennett and he wins, you potentially receive $100, following the same scheme.

As in other sports, the lower the darts betting odds, the higher the likelihood of a particular player winning. In our case, Ryan Harrington is the favorite, while Leighton Bennet is the underdog. The example shows that betting on underdogs is always more profitable but involves greater risk.

How to Bet on Darts in Live?

Live darts betting always means more involvement, thrilling emotions, and potentially big winnings. As the name implies, in this case, you are betting on a match that is already happening, which leads to the following features:

  • Dynamic live odds that immediately reflect changes in the course of the match;
  • Larger number of markets available compared to pre-match betting;
  • The need to make instant decisions, reacting to the game's progress;
  • The opportunity to calculate the bet before the end of the event and choose to receive a small profit or either minimally reduce losses.

Regarding organizing in-play darts betting, markets are often divided into different periods of the match (legs, specific shots, sets, etc.). Despite fast data updates, there are special pauses in betting. This is necessary to recalibrate the darts betting odds properly.

Our users also have the opportunity to obtain all the necessary data to make the most informative decision, including the current score, checkout percentages, three-dart averages, and so on. Instantly updated odds allow you to respond to any changes quickly, while a convenient visualization of matches helps you to get a big picture of the darts match and its prospects.

How Do Professional Darts Matches Work?

Before betting on darts, checking the rules used in professional matches is important.

Features Description
Objective The main goal is to reduce your score (usually 501 or 301) to 0 before your opponent does. In this case, the last dart must hit the double or bullseye.
Board The board includes 20 segments, with a value from 1 to 20. Each segment has several additional rings: double (on the outside) and triple (on the inside). There is also an outer bull's eye worth 25 points and an inner bull's eye worth 50 points.
Start of the game Opponents throw 1 dart each to determine their positions. The one whose dart hits the bull's eye as close as possible starts. It is another feature to consider in darts betting.
Basic gameplay Players throw 3 darts. The resulting amount is subtracted from the initial sum (501 or 301). In this case, if the player hits 1 or below zero, then the score returns to what it was at the beginning of the turn.
Ending the game A player must finish by hitting a double ring of any number. The hit into the inner bull's-eye is also acceptable.
Match structure Professional matches are divided into separate sets, which in turn are divided into legs. Consider it while developing your darts betting strategy.
Behavior During shots, opponents must stand behind the line (“oche”), touching it with only their toes. Players must follow and comply with the instructions of the officials.
Disputes All controversial situations must be resolved before the start of the next move.

Darts Betting Tips

Although betting on darts online may seem relatively simple and straightforward, here are some tips you should follow to boost your chances of winning. They are ideal for both beginners and seasoned bettors.

1. Keep Track of Players' Condition and Watch All the Events

Currently, the darts can boast a wide selection of competitions taking place as the PDC tours throughout Europe. You should check all the matches and note how the players get in shape. Often, they hold it well, and even small mistakes in one game do not mean further failures. While enjoying darts betting online, pay attention to minor events, as their results may have prospects that are not always immediately clear to bookmakers.

2. Research the Style of Play

Along with exploring darts odds, it is important to know the sportsman’s style. For example, a player may be a consistent scorer. In this case, he consistently scores 100 or 140 points and not necessarily a maximum of 180. These players often wear down opponents with their and can be a perfect option when betting in longer formats.

3. Bigger the Tournament, Higher the Motivation

The PDC Players Championship now takes up a large part of the darts calendar, but its form does not always match the televised events on the big stage. An example is Michael Smith, who won the 27th Players Championship in Barnsley but didn't win nearly as much as he should, given his ability and potential. Often, when the cameras are off, and plenty of fans are present, the same old faces win. It is one of those top darts betting tips newcomers often neglect.

4. Take into Account the Home/Away Match Factor

Along with the player’s strategy, the game location is also important. A striking example of this was the final of the World Series of Darts in Amsterdam. At that time, among 6 Dutch players who took part, four booked their place in the second round thanks to the home atmosphere and many fans actively supporting the players.

5. Experiment with Different Markets

Focus not only on the main but also on the side markets. The popular market always supports the player who receives the maximum rating of 180. At the same time, heavy scorers are not always appreciated as they should be. For example, Michael van Gerwen is a top player but not a regular top striker, as he prefers to switch to 19s.

It is not necessary to win a game in darts to score the maximum 180 points. Therefore, during darts betting, it is reasonable to choose the outsider who scores big points.