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Esports Betting at GGBET

If betting on sporting events has been known to mankind since ancient times, betting on eSports is a fairly young phenomenon that appeared not so long ago. In fact, e-sports, as we know it today, was born at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century.

The bookmaker GG BET was the first in the field of eSports betting. They were among the first to offer bettors to video games betting. From the company's inception, the highest standards were laid down, which all other platforms began to be guided by in the future. Today, GGBET is not just an esports betting site, as the service also gives the opportunity to make money on classic sports. But the service went down in history as a pioneer in this field.

The Popularity of Esports

This industry has been actively developing over the past 10 years. There was also e-sports in the early 2000s, but then it did not have the same audience as it does today. When tens of millions of fans began to come to computer competitions, a lot of money from sponsors came into the industry. Thanks to this, esports began to grow rapidly.

Professional gamers play MOBA games, shooters, strategy, racing, and sports simulations. Fans from all over the world are watching this live. They also place online esports bets using bookmaker websites. This adds special emotions to the fans, and if a person is well versed in the game, then it allows them to make money.

Esports became especially popular after the world went into quarantine. Everyone was at home, traditional sports were paused. For esports disciplines, the lockdown has not become an obstacle, because players can safely play from home. Professional esports players are accustomed to tournaments in large stadiums, however, they adapted to the new reality without any problems. Thanks for this, e-sports developed and attracted new fans, who, among other things, were actively involved in game betting.

All Popular eSports Disciplines

Bookmaker is well known to all fans of online games. All the most popular eSports disciplines are collected here, in which professional level competitions are regularly held.

It is worth mentioning that eSports is not one discipline, but several video games of different genres. The most popular genres in electronic sports are real-time strategies, shooters, MOBAs, sports simulators, and so on. Each genre includes many disciplines, of which the following games can be highlighted:

  • MOBA: Dota 2, League of Legends, Vainglory, Heroes of the Storm, Smite;
  • Shooters: CS:GO, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Halo, Battlegrounds (PUBG);
  • Sports: NBA 2K, FIFA;
  • Other: StarCraft 2, World of Tanks, Hearthstone.

Anyone can find a tournament or match within the discipline he is interested in and bet money on the desired outcome.

Exclusive eSports Bets

Without a doubt, the variety of betting on eSports matches that GGBET offers is one of the biggest and widest among all competitors. It's their pride and the envy of the rest. Almost all eSports tournaments and championships are represented here, touching not only the most prestigious competitions but also small local events. Also, the company is a sponsor and partner of many championships, which are held in eSports. Just open the website or launch the mobile app, then go to the list of competitions and see that this place offers e-sports betting for a huge number of events from a wide variety of games.

Advanced Live Betting on Games

As you know, you can make bets not only before the match but also during it. This is called Live Betting, and it is very popular among the fans of eSports. The fact is that most disciplines are very dynamic games. The situation can change most incredibly in seconds. So those bettors who bet in live mode and watch the match broadcast can catch high odds, just in time putting their money on the desired outcome. In the bookmaker GGBET you will find a large number of outcomes for game betting in a variety of tournaments.

Advantages of Online eSport Betting at GGBet

If you are a fan of computer sports and like to bet on eSport, we advise you to register. The platform offers its customers the highest odds on all events and, at the same time, the margin is very low. You don't have to believe the words, just open the list of upcoming e-sports matches and see for yourself. Betting here is really profitable. Add to this the largest number of event outcomes, a simple and clear platform for online betting, a convenient system that allows you to quickly deposit and withdraw money.

GG BET is chosen by thousands of users all over the world, appreciating them for the quality of their services. This is evidenced by the reviews on the Internet, which you can easily find. However, it is better to check everything yourself by going through a quick sign-up and getting a nice and generous bonus for a quick start. The bookmaker will be your reliable guide to the world of best esports betting!

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