Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Hearthstone is a popular online card game released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2014. Fans of the gaming industry praised the new project, leaving many rave reviews about the gameplay. Despite the fact that several years have passed since the game's release, interest in HS has not weakened to this day. At the moment Hearthstone has more than 100 million registered user accounts. This number allows us to objectively judge how popular this game is in the world.

Hearthstone is also on the list of the top eSports disciplines. Tournaments are held quite often and always arouse the interest of video game fans, who not only follow the matches but are also keen on Hearthstone betting.

Hearthstone: Gameplay and Rules

Hearthstone is a game played by two people. The winner is the player who, with the right deck of cards, can bring his opponent's health level down to zero. Although the game is easy to understand, it has great potential for complex strategic schemes. Players take turns laying out cards on the table while trying to inflict damage on their opponent with their actions. All cards have their effects and attributes that must be used at the appropriate moment. The matches have the effect of randomness, but luck alone will not be enough to win.

To succeed and defeat opponents, players must have logical thinking skills and the ability to think strategically. These qualities distinguish some of the strongest eSports players, whose names are known around the world.

Hearthstone Online Betting: How To Bet on Popular Matches?

In this discipline, professional matches are held regularly, and a wide variety of bets can be made on all of them:

  • Winner. This is the most popular betting option. The person who made this type of bet needs to determine which of the players will win the match. Everything is quite simple here. In addition to simply choosing the winner, you can try to guess with what score the match will end. For this outcome, the GGbet bookmaker offers high odds;
  • Total. A Hearthstone match consists of several games. Sometimes all matches can be played, but there are often when everything is solved much faster. A client of a bookmaker company can try to predict how many games will be taken by eSports players. Quotes depend on the level of the players. If the gamers are roughly equal, then you should count on the fact that they will not get off with a minimum number of parties;
  • Handicap. This type of betting on Hearthstone is somewhat similar to a total. However, here it is necessary to determine not the number of games, but the difference in points between the players. The client is invited to bet on which esports player will win. Here everything also depends very much on the level of the opponents.

The Growing Popularity of Hearthstone Esports

Hearthstone is among the most massive and well-known eSports disciplines, and the number of fans of this card game grows every year. Esports Hearthstone is prestigious tournaments for professionals, held regularly. The main competitive event is the World Championship. Blizzard has been holding it every year since 2014, where the best eSports players of the planet come to fight for the title of world champion. In addition to the prestigious title, the winner also receives a large sum of money, reaching several hundred thousand dollars. The progress of the competition is covered in the media, so fans can follow the broadcasts of the matches, cheer for their favorites and make Hearthstone bets in bookmakers.

Top Hearthstone Tournaments

Matches in this discipline are systematized in the form of competitions. Throughout the year, leagues are played where the players with the most points at the end of the championship wins. There are also tournaments that take place over several days. Significant prize pools are raffled on them. So, over 7 years of the game's existence in the eSports Hearthstone, more than 25 million dollars have been raffled off.

One of the most popular tournaments in this game is the Hearthstone World Championship. It is held once a year and brings together the best players on the planet. An impressive prize pool is raffled here — from 500 thousand to 1 million dollars.

Another famous Hearthstone tournament is the Masters Tour. During the year, several events are held, which is united by high spectator interest and impressive prize money. Here, the world's strongest players are also raffling off thousands of dollars as prizes.

Hearthstone Betting with GGBET

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