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Overwatch Betting: Be in the Heart of eSports with GGBet!

Being one of the best and most reputable online betting services in the world, GGBet strives to embrace maximum and satisfy every bettor’s tastes. While few bookmakers can boast such a great selection of eSports disciplines, we stand out with its extensive library of games. One of the most popular titles on GGBet is Overwatch. So if you are looking for a platform with the best Overwatch betting offers, you are a lucky guy because you have just found it!

What Is Overwatch?

If you have never played Overwatch but want to try your luck in betting on Overwatch, it’s worth learning at least some information about the game and its gameplay. Let’s take a brief look at what Overwatch is.

This title is a product of Blizzard Entertainment, which first saw the world in 2016. This game genre is multiplayer first-person shooter, though people often describe it as a “hero shooter” for its large roster of characters that players can switch throughout the game. Overwatch is a battlefield for two teams, each consisting of 6 players. The ultimate goal of each team is to reach a certain point on the map and don’t let the rival team be the first to complete this mission. The team that copes with the task wins the map. The game-winner is determined by the number of maps the teams won.

Bet on Overwatch at the Best eSports Bookmaker

Although Overwatch has a huge army of fans, professional players, and bettors, only some bookmakers add this discipline to their eSports betting lists. GGBet is one of them. But why should you place your bets here and not at the other betting service? Oh, many reasons can persuade you to stay with GGBet. We’ll specify only some of them to keep you intrigued and encourage you to find out about the other benefits yourself.

100% Legal and Safe

Esports betting is not just about having fun, it’s also about winning real money. So it’s super important for a bettor to find a bookmaker that can ensure 100% transparency of financial operations, reliability, and security for every client. GGBet is just like that. Our bookmaker works by the license and follows the licensing rules carefully. Such an approach to its work allows GGBet to keep its standards high and provide ultimate quality services to all its clients.

Speaking about Overwatch, this eSports discipline is fully controlled by the game owner, Blizzard Entertainment. To be able to provide you with access to live broadcasts of the games, GGBet has gone through all the legal procedures so that you enjoy Overwatch betting live legally.

Dozens of Matches in the Line Daily

Would you enjoy Overwatch betting if you had only one or two matches to bet on? We guess not. This is the reason GGBet makes it all possible to add maximum matches to the daily Overwatch betting line. Dozens of events in all major and a lot of minor Overwatch championships are available for betting every day.

So wherever your interests in Overwatch betting lie, you will surely satisfy them by signing up for the GGBet website.

Unique Betting Outcomes That Only We Have

With us, you can find some unique offers that only we have. Overwatch betting outcomes are among them. Striving to expand our betting line markets, we add some new exclusive outcomes for the top Overwatch games so that you can diversify your betting experience and check your proficiency in the game. So if you are tired of betting on the game-winner, maps total, and handicap, come to GGBet and you’ll find a lot of new outcomes to bet on the Overwatch betting site.

Various Bonuses for Overwatch League Betting

Overwatch League is the most prestigious and popular event in the Overwatch fans’ world. This tournament gathers millions of people at their computer screens and thousands of them try their luck in betting on Overwatch League.

GGBet is always on the edge of everything going on in eSports and we never let top-rated events, like Overwatch League, go unnoticed by our clients. This is the reason we prepare various bonuses for everyone making bets on the Overwatch League matches.

What kinds of special offers can you expect?

  • Cashback for lost bets;
  • Deposit bonuses;
  • Free bets and so many more.

How Overwatch Betting Works?

Each Overwatch betting site is unique in its own way and offers different types of outcomes and odds. But for betting to be profitable, you need to have at least a basic knowledge.

Types of Overwatch Bets

Overwatch bets are diverse on GGBet. Before you actually get down to picking the outcome you think is winning, let’s take a brief look at the types of Overwatch bets you can make on the bookmaker.

  • Outright bets have been created for real PROs, who know everything about the game, professional teams, and tournaments. Such knowledge allows for making long-term prognoses about the tournament winner, which outright bets are about. So if you are one of those experienced bettors, try your Overwatch sports betting luck by making an outright.
  • Game winner is a basic type of bet you can make in Overwatch. It can work for both professionals and novices in Overwatch eSports betting. Just pick the team that is going to win (in your opinion) and wait for the outcome.
  • Map winner bet implies the same as the game-winner stake with the only difference that you need to predict the outcome of a single map and not the game overall.
  • Maps total is the kind of bet where you predict the total number of maps that one or the other team will win.

There are still more Overwatch bets available on GGBet, so you can check them out too.

Calculation of Match Odds

There are three steps to take to calculate the odds for a specific Overwatch match.

  • Things start with calculating the probability of this or that outcome. For this purpose, the analytics working for the bookmaker make their own calculations and predictions. In some cases, the bookmaker buys data from analytical agencies.
  • Calculating the odds in the following step. At this point, the specialists convert the received information into odds.
  • The final stage is adding the margin to the odds. Margin is the commission bookmakers include into the odds to get the revenue. The average margin size is 5-6%.

Here’s a simple example for you to understand this better. Let’s take the probability of the first team winning the game as 60%. For the second team, the figure is 36%. The probability of a draw is 4%. So the overall figure is 100%.

The following step is converting those numbers into odds. To do this, one needs to divide 100 by those percentages, so the odds will look like this: for the first-team win – 1.66, for the second-team win – 2.77, and for the draw – 25.

Last but not least is adding the margin to the Overwatch odds. Let’s take it’s 6%, so the total probability will grow to 106%. The margin is then split between the outcomes. Here’s how we do this: 6% margin multiplied by 0.6 (1st team winning probability divided by 100) makes 3.6%, which should be added to the 60% of the initial probability. The same should be repeated with the other figures. Once this is done, the bookmaker converts the “new” probabilities into odds, using the scheme we’ve described earlier.

Bet on Overwatch in Live: Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win!

Do you know what can be better than a pre-match Overwatch bet? Only live betting. It provides an ultimate betting experience and boosts your chances to win, as you can make bets when the game has already started. This way, you understand which team is more motivated, more skillful, and has a better tactic. All this knowledge helps make the right decisions in predicting the game outcomes.

Overwatch betting site GGBet is the best for live betting. The bookmaker has live broadcasts of all matches, and they are available for free. You just need to pick Overwatch eSports from the discipline list and select the tournament you are interested in. Next, choose the game and click on the outcome and odds you believe are winning. It’s super simple and fast. What’s more, making stakes is possible without leaving the broadcast screen, so not a single moment of the game will be missed.

Overwatch Betting Tips

Our team strives to provide each bettor with the best experience of betting on Overwatch. The main goal is to help bettors win as often as possible. This is why we’ve compiled a list of some Overwatch betting tips. Check them out!

  • Know the META of the game thoroughly. This means you should know what the best strategy to use in a specific map is. In Overwatch, it is also essential to know what heroes are the best and what combinations they should be used in. Otherwise, you won’t be able to evaluate the game flow, especially when it comes to betting live.
  • Don’t bet without analyzing the opponents. The pre-game analysis is one of the essentials for making winning bets. Analyze both teams in the match. Find their strengths and weaknesses to understand who has more chances for success.
  • Keep an eye on team ratings and rosters. It shouldn’t be a spontaneous single-time decision to bet on Overwatch. It’s worth checking through the teams’ ratings and rosters to know the atmosphere and the situation inside the team. These things can significantly affect the performance of the gamers and make the team stronger or weaker.
  • Watch tournaments to get a feel for teams’ potential. Some teams open from a new angle once they move to the further stages of the tournaments. Others start with their full power and lose their potential somewhere in the middle of the tournament. To know who is who and whether the teams have already exhausted their potential or only gained their strength, you should watch the tournaments and keep track of each performance.

Overwatch is not easy, especially if you have zero knowledge of the game, but with the best site for Overwatch betting, GGBet, everything can get easy. But you’ll never know until you try.