Smite Betting: Perfect Earnings with Bookmaker GGBet

Are you tired of betting on Dota2 and CS: GO? Do you want to get some new options for earning? Why don’t you consider Smite betting? This title by Hi-Rez Studio is not as popular as some other eSports disciplines, yet it is definitely worth your attention in terms of both playing and betting. While very few betting platforms have this game on their eSports disciplines list, GGBet is among those who have Smite matches on their line. Smite is like a breath of fresh air in a load of games that can already be called mass-market. So seeking exclusivity and novelty, you should try betting on Smite.

Smite eSports and Professional Tournaments

Since its official release in 2014, the count of Smite users has increased dramatically and reached around 40 million by the year 2020. Hundreds of them managed to enter the PRO league and got access to all the top-level tournaments and competitions.

The Hi-Rez Studio worked out the scheme that allowed players to join the professional Smite eSports league as teams of five. Based on the team’s performance, it receives its place in the rating of professional players. Those getting to the top of the list get the chance to compete for the prize pool of one of the biggest Smite tournaments called Smite World Championship.

Speaking about the competitions, it’s worth mentioning that Hi-Rez Studio has an exclusive right to organize Smite tournaments. For this reason, the number of events available for betting is somehow limited.

If you want to try your luck in Smite, GGBet is a great bookmaker to do this. The betting line includes all the top tournaments in Smite, including Pro League and World Championship.

GGBet Offers a Variety of Bets on Smite

Unlike the majority of eSports disciplines, which have existed for decades, Smite is a completely new game with no rich history but a very promising future. There is no extended betting line and countless markets for Smite. Punters wishing to win some money by Smite eSports betting are still very limited in the type of bets they can wager. In most cases, the only thing one can bet on is a winner of the match.

Smite betting odds at GGBet are the best you can find on any other bookmakers. There is a chance, however, that the odds you see on the website are a bit different from what they should be. The reason is a lack of quality analytics for the bookmaker to calculate correct odds. And this is not the problem of GGBet, but of all the betting sites that have Smite on their eSports disciplines.

So if you know your way through the game pretty well and can properly analyze the chances of the team/player to succeed, you can hit a real jackpot if you place bets on Smite outcomes no one expects to win.

Follow the Smite eSports Schedule and Place Bets at GGBet

To get maximum satisfaction, fun, and winnings from eSport Smite, you should place your bets on a website you can trust. GGBet is a Smite betting site offering the best odds for matches of all levels. Regardless if you place a bet on a mid-season game or matches held within the Smite World Championship, the betting odds won’t disappoint you.

On GGBet, you can always find an up-to-date list of upcoming events so that you always have a choice of what matches are worth your attention and bet.