Despite the fact that snooker betting is most popular among English-speaking bettors, it is increasingly possible to meet people from other regions who prefer to bet on this kind of billiards. Snooker appeared in the late 19th century among the officers of the British colonial army stationed in India. The game became popular in the army, and on returning home the officers brought it to England. For a long time snooker was known only in the British Empire and its colonies, but in the 20th century, thanks to televised tournaments, the game began to spread rapidly around the world.

The snooker rules are simple enough to understand but provide room for a variety of interesting strategies, for which the discipline is sometimes compared to chess. Players use the cue and the white ball (bit) to alternately score red and colored balls in the pockets. Each ball in the pocket brings a player a certain number of points. The cost of the ball depends on its color. The red ones give 1 point, the colored ones from 2 to 7. While the red balls are on the table, the colored ones come back after being pocketed. The player with the most points wins.

All About Betting on Snooker

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Types of Snooker Bets

  • Outcome. In most tournaments, a draw is excluded by the rules. Therefore, most often you have to choose the winner of the game.
  • Frame winner. Here you need to guess who will win in a particular frame. With live bets, you can alternately wager on the winner of each subsequent frame;
  • Total frames. Try to guess how many frames will be spent in the game.
  • Frame handicap. Plus handicap gives the weaker opponent a virtual advantage, that is, the bet will end in your favor if the underdog wins or loses with the lag set by the handicap conditions. Minus handicap is given to the favorite of the competition, allowing you to bet on his victory at a more favorable rate. However, in this case, the favorite must win the game, beating his opponent by a specified number of frames.

Professional Tournaments and Features of Snooker Betting

All professional snooker events can be divided into ranking and invitational.

Ranking tournaments

The major one among the ranking competitions is the World Snooker Championship, which is held every year at the end of the season. Other ranking tournaments are divided geographically, such as the British Championship, the Welsh Championship, the Shanghai Masters, etc. Players receive points for winning these events, which count towards their ranking.

Invitational Competitions

No ranking points are awarded for winning invitational tournaments. However, competitors can earn good money here, receiving awards from the prize pool. The Masters' tournaments are considered the most prestigious of the non-ranked competitions.

How to Bet on Snooker?

Before betting on snooker online, try to make a preliminary analysis. To begin with, assess the form of your opponents. Physical condition, results, number of past games, fatigue from flights — all this allows us to conclude the form that each of the players is in. In addition to the physical component, it is also important to understand the motivation of each participant in the tournament. Thus, the same event can have a completely different meaning for each of the players. Top snooker players may save their strength for the most prestigious tournaments while showing average results in events of little importance to them. At the same time, a little-known beginner will try and give his best in a fight with the champion, because it will give him a chance to gain fame.

Only after you weigh the pros and cons and understand which of the outcomes is most likely you can proceed directly to the betting.