The GG BET bookmaker is one of the leading online betting platforms. Customers here are invited to bet on a wide variety of sports and get good winnings from this. Volleyball bets are also available on the site. Fans of this sport have great opportunities to profit from the matches of their favorite game.

History and Popular Volleyball Competitions

Analogs of this kind of sport were born, probably, centuries ago. However, the father of volleyball is considered to be William Morgan, who invented this game in the late 19th century. At first, it existed in the form of fun and then overgrown with the first set of rules and formalizations. The game was constantly evolving and the rules were being improved. Most of the volleyball standards were formed in the late 10s and early 20s of the last century. At the same time, the first official competitions were held. Over time, volleyball migrated from the United States to Europe, began to spread, and gained popularity.

The International Federation of this sport was founded in 1947. A year later, the first European Championship was held, and the next year the first World Champion was held. It was then that people began to start volleyball betting. The game entered the Olympic Games in 1964.

Traditionally, volleyball athletes represent the organization they play for most of the time, as well as the national team of their country. So, the international volleyball federation FIVB includes 222 countries. All members of this organization are divided into regions: Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Once every 4 years, the best national teams on the planet meet and compete with each other at the World Championships, as well as at the Olympic Games. These tournaments are considered the most prestigious in the world of volleyball.

But even in the intervals between the world championships, the fans of this discipline do not get bored, since the Club World Championship is held every year. Also, regular competition is the Champions League — the main European tournament among the best volleyball clubs in Europe. Almost every day, matches of the national championships are held, which attract fans to bet on volleyball.

Types of Online Volleyball Betting at GGBET

In addition to the many outcomes, the company offers a very attractive list of volleyball matches. Customers have the opportunity to make the following volleyball bets.

1. Match Winner

In this case, everything is very simple: the player needs to successfully predict who will win in a particular match. There is no draw in volleyball, so there can be only one winner.

2. Extra Outcomes

In addition to simply choosing the winner of a match, you can try to guess the statistical moments in it. For example, a player can bet on the total points of the team and, in general, the total of played sets, who will win a particular set or handicap. The more important the match, the more options for outcomes are offered for it.

3. Tournament Result

For people who can analyze future events, the bookmaker offers to determine who will win the championship or cup. In this case, bets must be made in advance. The advantage of this type of bet is good odds since it is very difficult to predict in advance who will be the champion.

4. Live Bets

You can bet on volleyball right when the match is already underway. The odds for the total and minor events are updated almost every minute. Fans can watch matches, analyze what is happening on the court and, based on this, use the possibilities of live volleyball betting. This method is very popular among fans of this sport.

5. Other Types of Online Betting

You can place a volleyball bet in the form of an ordinary. This means a single event. Also, you can collect express — these are several bets in one. In this case, the odds are multiplied, which significantly increases the total possible winnings. However, it should be borne in mind that if at least one event does not take place, then the entire bet will “burn out”. Express can be collected by combining volleyball outcomes with other sports.

How to Bet on Volleyball to Be Profitable?

First of all, you need to choose a reliable site. Today GG.Bet is one of the leading bookmaker companies. Due to the presence of an official license, betters can count on the complete safety of their funds.

To win by betting on volleyball, you need to be well versed in the sport. To do this, you need to follow the matches, watch them live, understand the game. Additionally, you can refer to news resources, read analytical materials — all this will help you.

Volleyball Betting Strategy: Why Is It Important?

It is worth understanding that sports betting is a high-risk activity. If the results of all sporting events were easily predictable and we could predict the winner in advance with a high degree of probability, there would simply be no sensationalism in sport. And they happen almost every day. Therefore, in order not to take unnecessary risks with your money and win as often as possible, it is necessary to stick to the strategy.

Experienced bettors develop their own strategies that allow them to achieve good results and correctly predict the result of a volleyball match. One can argue endlessly about which strategy is more successful, but each is based on analysis. You need to collect all available information about the opponents and carefully analyze it, comparing the strength of the parties, the composition of the players, their form, the history of past games, and so on.

Winning volleyball betting strategy is different for everyone. Someone collects a lot of express bets with large odds, betting small amounts on each of them. Others, on the other hand, find an event with minimal risk and an attractive price, making a big bet on it. Someone prefers to live, where betters closely follow the matches and place bets in real-time. How many people, so many options for strategies. Everyone can try several possible options, and through trial and error, find the one that suits his liking.